Sobre nosotros

Our company

Our company started in the 1960’s with the goal of offering belt designs, accessories and shoes of the highest leather quality. All our designs are made with the outmost care, fashioned with a unique work style and using the best and most luxurious materials. To make them, we combine exclusive design and respect for craftsman tradition. In other words, each one of our designs is handmade.

Over time and in response to market demand, LEYVA has developed several collections to meet the needs of all types of customers and to preserve its place in the tough and ever-changing world of fashion. The fusion of perseverance, excellent workmanship and personalized customer service has become the trademark of this family-owned firm

Our philosophy

Our manufacturing processes combine traditional practices passed down by craft masters and state-of-the-art technology. In a highly mechanised world, LEYVA has proven that handmade quality has a beauty and charm that is impossible to replace. In order to make the perfect belt the leather used has to be pampered and for this purpose we have a unique team of professionals in the sector.

We want our products to be a symbol of elegance, which is why we create styles that are exclusive and trademark registered. They are conceived with the noblest materials and undergo strict quality controls to guarantee their beauty and durability; all in all, they are luxuryproducts that become an authentic gift for each customer.